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June 10 Leader Discography ( Added BLP 1595 Reissue with Alternate take of Autumn, Leaves (TYCJ 81002)
June 2 Sideman Discography- updated Joe Castro lp ''Mood Jazz" Atltantic 1264
June 1
Sideman Discography- updated Plenty plenty Soul with Milt Jackson
May 27 Leader Discography
March 28 Leader Discography
April 01 Leader Discography
March 29 Leader Discography
March 13 Filmography
March 01 Leader Discography

The Website History Until Day One  * August , 20 1999 *
2018/19 A little break :)

July 13
Leader Discography
March 14
Updated Solo section page
February 28
Sideman Discography
February 2
Leader Discography
September 9
45 rpm Discography
April 18
Sideman Discography
March 15
Articles page
Sept 09
Leader Discography
March 01
Sideman Discography

April 10
Sideman Discography
Febuary 27
1.000.000 unique visitors for www.Cannonball-adderley.com
January 20
BLue Note 1595 page
October 18
Sideman Discography
July 18 45 rpm Discography
April 21
Links page
March 01
Articles page
February 13
Cannonball with Sergio Mendes
January 27
Sideman Discography
Nov 16
45 rpm Discography
May 20
Quintet in San Francisco
May 14
Live At comblain la Tour
May 02
Cannonball Enroute
April 19
45 rpm Discography
March 03
Producer Discography
Febuary 25
Cannonball Live in Stuttgart , March1969
Febuary 17
Cannonball with Stan Getz and Jatp 1960 Live in Berlin
January 05
74 Miles Away
Nov 05
BLue Note 1595 page
April 23 Articles page
April 23 BLue Note 1595 page
March 03 Leader Discography
January 28 Leader Discography and Them dirty blues page
January 15 Sideman Discography
September 05 Articles page
August 02 Filmography page
May , 11 Blue Note 1595 page
February 08 Tape Discography with pics of out of print Capitol Tapes
January 29 BLue Note 1595 page
Aug 18 Why Am I Treaded so Bad & Lyrics pages
Aug 08 Cannonball in Europe
Aug 08 Nancy Wilson With Cannonball
July 26 The 700.000th visitor arrived this morning.
May 21 Sideman Discography
March 10 Articles page
February 16 BLue Note 1595 page
January 24 BLue Note 1595 page
January 07 Sideman Discography

September 15, 2008

Today would have been Cannonball Adderley's eightieth birthday, reason enough to say

September 09 Video discography , here
July 04 Sideman Discography
June 21 45 rpm Discography
May 03 Video discography , here
March 24 Video discography , here
March 22 The 600.000th visitor was here.
December 10 Leader Discography
December 02 Video discography , see 2 new videos here
December 01 The new background is born!
November 15 African Waltz page
November 06 Presenting Cannonball with a nice video-sound clip
November 03 Mercy Mercy Mercy with a nice video-sound clip
November 02 I'm on My way with a nice video-sound clip
October 22 BLue Note 1595 page (add a very rare JAPAN LP reissue)
October 13 45 rpm Discography
June 22 Quintet in San Francisco page
June 20 Quintet in Chicago page
June 08 45 rpm Discography
May 2 Leader Discography
May 01 Sideman Discography
April 10 Leader Discography
April 08 BLue Note 1595 page (add a very rare gold CD from JAPAN )
February 28 Cannonball sax set
February 11 The 500.000th visitor arrived today. HOORAY FOR JULIAN !!!!
January 22 Leader Discography
January 07 Leader Discography
January 01 Bonne Ann�e 2007
December 26 BLue Note 1595 page
November 19 Leader Discography - with 1969 Pleyel session and 1960 European Tour
November 18 Leader Discography - with an Argentina Bootleg Live in Hamburg 1969
November 05 Leader Discography - with a new CD reissue of Why Am I Treated so Bad
November 03 Leader Discography - with a new CD reissue of Ernie Andrews sessions
Septembre 19 Leader Discography
Septembre 18 the solo section, with Straight No Chaser transcription
Septembre 23 Leader Discography
August 17 Updated Video discography , see 5 videos here
April 09 Leader Discography with two Live sessions from the 1972 Tour , Vienna and Paris
April 07 Leader Discography
March 26 Articles with a great interview "Cannonball Raps about Music"
March 10 Leader Discography
March 04 Cannonball Bossa Nova and Then Dirty Blues
February 06 Leader Discography
January 16 45 rpm Discography
January 05 The 400.000th visitor arrived this morning.
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Our seventh anniversary online.
45 rpm Discography
Blue Note 1595
Sideman Discography
The Discography as a Leader with 3 great Live recording - 1-2-3
The Discography as a Leader
The Discography as a Leader
I moved the Cannonball RDV to a new server ,OVH ,Located in France
The Discography as a Leader
Cannonball with Sergio Mendes
the solo section,
Blue Note 1595
The Guestbook form
Blue Note 1595
Sharpshooters sessions
Blue Note 1595
Cannonball with Sergio Mendes
New Bottle Old Wine
Leader Discography and "Presenting Cannonball"
Sideman Discography
Blue Note 1595


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Blue Note 1595 page
a New page for the Blue Note 1595 , Here
Tape Discography with 5 new 8 tracks cartridge
Tape Discographywith a very rare R2R ( Kind Of Blue !!! )
45 rpm Discography
Leader Discography
Guestbook , and 45 rpm Discography
45 rpm Discography
You can play the solos in real audio format ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **
A new web host (amen.fr ) for the website . (your bookmarks are still avalaible)
Updated 45 rpm Discography ( 20 new 45 pictures sleeves! )


10/11/2003 Updated link page and Leader discography
05/11/2003 200.000 hits , yeah !!!!
05/10/2003 Updated 45 rpm Discography and Leader discography
02/10/2003 Updated 45 rpm Discography and Leader discography
03/06/2003 150.000 hits , HOORAY FOR CANNONBALL !!!
02/16/2003 Updated 45 rpm Discography and Leader discography

12/25/2002 Updated 45 rpm Discography and Leader discography
12/10/2002 Updated 45 rpm Discography and Leader discography
11/16/2002 Updated 45 rpm Discography and Leader discography
11/10/2002 Updated 45 rpm Discography and Leader discography
08/25/2002 Updated 45 rpm Discography and Articles page with an Orrin Keepnews articles
04/23/2002 Updated Leader Discography
04/21/2002 Updated Sax set up and Quintet in San Francisco
04/10/2002 Updated Leaderdiscography
03/31/2002 Updated Leaderdiscography
03/29/2002 Updated 45rpm discography
03/10/2002 Updated leader discography
02/22/2002 Updated Quintet in Chicago page with Pictures cover of rare reissue, LOOK!!
02/15/2002 Updated The arcticles Paying dues , The education of a combo leader , by julian

12/25/2001 Updated Bossa Nova page with a rare AUSTALIAN reissue
12/13/2001 Updated Bossa Nova page
12/03/2001 Updated 45Rpm discography
11/08/2001 Updated Gallery with Miss Cannonball 1963 pictures
11/08/2001 Updated 45Rpm discography
11/04/2001 Updated 45Rpm discography
10/17/2001 Updated Leader discography with JAZZ CASUAL CD
10/08/2001 Updated 45 rpm discography
10/02/2001 Updated Articles section and 45 rpm discography
07/02/2001 Updated 45 rpm discography
06/26/2001 Updated Tapes discography and Music books
06/18/2001 Updated Filmography with Cannonball Adderley in TOKYO '63,Japanese LaserDisc
06/07/2001 Updated producer discography
06/01/2001 Updated Tapes discography
05/27/2001 Updated Press and Articles with a discussion about Jazz musician and narcotics problem
05/20/2001 Updated 45 rpm discography and Tapes discography
05/10/2001 Updated 45 rpm discography
05/03/2001 Updated Bossa Nova LP with cover of alternate reissue
05/03/2001 Updated Tapes discography
04/27/2001 Updated Tapes discography
04/24/2001 Updated Sax setup
04/20/2001 Updated 45 rpm discography
04/14/2001 Updated Promo and Advertisement Gallery
04/10/2001 Updated 45 rpm discography
04/06/2001 Updated Producer discography
04/05/2001 My visitor counter pass the 50.000 hits , I'm happy !!!
03/28/2001 Updated 45 rpm discography with a very rare "For Coin Operated Phonographs Only"
03/20/2001 Updated Miles Davis section, with his Lengendary solo trumpet ,transcribe for all instruments
03/19/2001 Updated 45 rpm discography
03/09/2001 Updated 45 rpm discography
03/08/2001 Updated Music Books
03/08/2001 Updated 45 rpm discography
02/17/2001 Updated Tapes discography and Updated 45 rpm discography

12/30/2000 Updated 45 rpm discography
12/26/2000 Updated 45 rpm discography
12/03/2000 Updated Solo section page , a NEW way for all the solos with the Finale Viewer plug-in (very nice)
11/10/2000 Updated Solo section page , WALTZ for Debby now in 3 Keys
11/04/2000 UpdatedSAxSetup page
10/24/2000 UpdatedLyric page
10/14/2000 Updated Reel to Rell page
09/29/2000 Updated 45 Rpm page
09/22/2000 Updated Reel to Reel page with a rare 8 tracks cartridge
09/13/2000 UpdatedLyrics page
09/12/2000 Updated Reel to Reel page
08/30/2000 Updated Reel to Reel page
08/20/2000 Updated Solo page with Yardbird suite Solo
08/17/2000 The New GalleryPromo & Advertisement is open
08/09/2000 A new section is open, HIS BAND , the list of all the musicians who played with Julian
08/07/2000 My counter visitors pass the "30.000 hits"
08/06/2000 Updated Reel to Reel page
08/04/2000 Updated 45 Rpm page
07/22/2000 Updated Solo page
07/04/2000 UpdatedMusic Book page
06/19/2000 UpdatedSideman Discography page with the Picture cover and sleeve notes from Nutty Squirrels LP Bird Watching(very very hard to find)
06/15/2000 Updated Reel to Reel page
06/08/2000 Updated Reel to Reel page
05/29/2000 Updated45Rpm Discography and add a ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **video of the KUNG-FU TV serie
05/15/2000 25000 visitors since opening day
05/15/2000 Updated reel Discography
05/03/2000 Updated45Rpm Discography page with the Quintet in chicago (Japan edition) and added new pictures on the gallery
04/25/2000 UpdatedSideman Discography page with the Gil Evans LP New bottle, Old Wine and the Jon Hendrick LP (very hard to find) A Good Git-together
04/18/2000 Updated Reel to Reel page
04/12/2000 Updated Sideman page with the Miles Davis sextet Sessions and LP by Raul de Souza COLORS
04/11/2000 UpdatedBiography with all the Julian Pseudonym
04/10/2000 UpdatedCannonlink page
04/01/2000 UpdatedMusic Book page with Jamey Aebersold play-a-long

03/25/2000 Updated 45 Rpm Discopgraphie with new picture sleeve
03/20/2000 The New sectionMusic Books is open
03/13/2000 Updated Reel to Reel Discography
03/12/2000 Updated sideman discography with the JATP Live in Europe hard to find LP

02/29/2000 My counter visitors pass the "20.000"
02/19/2000 updated tProducer page with 3 LP.Chuck Mangione,Dexter Gordon & Sam Jones Riverside Lp under the Cannonball Artistic Direction
02/09/2000 Reel To Reel Area is now open
02/07/2000 lyric of Mercy,Mercy,Mercy by the Buckinghams added on theLyric Page
02/01/2000 Lyric Area is now open

01/30/2000 updated Filmography page with the KUNG-FU Tv series (Episode #55)
01/29/2000 updated 45 Rpm page with a "5 records set for juke box" from the Lp Quintet at the Lighthouse
01/22/2000 updated 45 Rpm page , with Pictures view
01/09/2000 updated Filmography page


12/28/99 updated Sideman discography page and included "Drums Around The World" LP's
12/23/99 updated Leader discography page and included "Autumn Leaves / Live in Tokyo" LP's
12/18/99 updated Sideman discography page and included "Kenya" and "The Chant" LP's
12/05/99 Solo page now with a Java navigation

11/30/99 updated Solo page and included "Autumn Leaves" Cannonball Solo from the Alto Records "An Orderly Evolution"
11/18/99 updated Sideman discography page and included the Don Specht "An Afternoon with Don" a rare 10 inches LP
11/06/99 updated Solo page and included "What is this thing Called Love" Cannonball Solo from the
Riverside Records "Quintet at the Lighthouse"
11/02/99 updated Savoy Recording sessions

10/24/99 updated Sideman discography page and included the Ray Brown "All Star Big-band" LP Columbia Ck 64186 , the Paul Chambers GO LP VeeJay 1040 and the Gene Ammons"Live At Montreux" LP Prestige 10078
10/20/99 I updated Leader discography page and included the LP "MUSIC YOU ALL" Capitol St 11484
10/11/99 a new Gallery is open
10/08/99 updated the Press interview page and included the ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Playboy Magazine conversation from 1964 February issue
10/04/99 updated the Solo page and included HOLD IT ! Cannonball Solo from the
Riverside Records "Back Door Blues"
10/01/99 updated the 45 Rpm discography page and included the Riverside R4509 "Gemini"

09/28/99 I put a link on the Solos Transcription page to the EJMA SCHOOL, check it !
09/12/99 The solos are now available in 3 keys ,for alto,tenor and flute
09/04/99 updated the Sideman discography page and included the Don Byas "A Tribute to Cannonball" LP Columbia Ck 64186 (with one alternate take of "Cherokee")
09/02/99 added on the David Axelrod Page the Pictures cover of his very hard to find LP Production.
I added the picture cover and liner notes of the Nat Adderley album "Double Exposure"

08/31/99 All the solos are now in ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Audio format
08/30/99 updated the Leader discography page and included the "Discoveries" LP Savoy WL 71407 (alternates takes from the first Cannonball session on Savoy) . I completed 45 rpm list with the Blue Note 451738 "Something Else".
08/25/99 added the picture cover of the NEW and very EXPLOSIVE video Jazz Casual Rhino R3 2585 on Filmography page.I just received one fromNRGMUSIC for only $13.27
08/24/99 My counter visitors pass the "10.000"
08/20/99 added to the Cannonball Producer list the David Axelrod discography (and a link to the David Axelrod Website).