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The Miles Davis Sextet


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BONUS :SO WHAT, trumpet solo by MILES DAVIS, from the record "Kind of Blue"

Transcribe for Alto sax or Tp / Tenor Sax or Flute or Bass or Piano  (in PDF format)


 All titles recorded by the Miles Davis Sextet in Chronological order

The takes without John or Julian are not listed here

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Recording Date Title track Original LP issue Comments
Febr 4,1958      

Two Bass Hit (Alt take) Miles & Trane Complete Columbia Sessions producer : George Avakian
Milestones (Alt take) idem
Straight No chaser (Alt take) idem
Two Bass Hit Milestones
Milestones idem
Straight No chaser idem
March 4, 1958      

Sid's Ahead Milestones
Dr. Jackel idem aka Dr Jekyll
May 26, 1958      

Fran-Dance (Alt Take) Miles & Trane Complete Columbia Sessions
Fran-Dance 1958' Sessions producer : Cal Lampley
On Green Dolphin Street idem
Love For Sale idem
July 3, 1958      

Ah-Le-Cha Newport Jazz Festival 1958 producer : Teo Macero
Straight No Chaser idem
Fran-Dance idem
Two Bass Hit idem
The Theme idem
Aug 9, 1958      

Walking WOR "Bandstand USA" JMY ME6402 (radio broadcast)
Round Midnight idem
Sept  9, 1958      

Oleo Jazz At The Plazza
Straight No Chaser  idem
Nov 1, 1958      

Sid's Ahead Four play (or Jazzband EB409)
Straight No Chaser idem 
Jan 3, 1959      

Bag's Groove Four Play misstitled Walking on Lp
March 2, 1959      

Freddie Freeloader (Alt take) Miles & Trane Complete Columbia Sessions Producer : Irvin Townsend
Freddie Freeloader Kind Of Blue
So What idem
Apr 6, 1959      

Flamenco Sketches (Alt take) Miles & Trane Complete Columbia Sessions

Flamenco Sketches Kind Of Blue

All Blues idem
Aug 7 , 1959

So What Unissued at Birdland This 1959 version was taped at the Chicago Stadium.with Cannonball as the only horn
Aug 25 , 1959

The Theme
Unissued at Birdland
So what
The Theme