The Cannonball Producer


Wilkerson with Producer "Cannonball"


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LEADER Album Title  Date Session Label
ADDERLEY NAT Soul of the Bible 1972 Capitol sabb- 11120
ADDERLEY NAT Double Exposure 1975 Prestige P-10090
BYAS DON A Tribute to Cannonball Dec 15,1961 Columbia 35755
CLAY JAMES The sound of the Wide Open Space Apr 26,1960 Riverside 327
GORDON DEXTER The Resurgence of Dexter Oct 13,1960 Jazzland  929
JFK Quintet New Jazz Frontiers from Washington July 17 1961 Riverside 396
JOHNSON BUD The Four Brass Giants Aug 22 ,1960 Riverside  343
JONES SAM  Down Home Aug 15,1962 Riverside 432
JORDAN CLIFFORD Spellbound  Aug 10,1960 Riverside 340
MANGIONE CAP The jazz Brother Aug 29,1960 Riverside  335
MORGAN DICK At the Showboat May 04,1960 Riverside 1183
McBROWN LENNIE Eastern Lights Oct 13 ,1960 Riverside 346
POWEL BUD A Portrait of Thelonious Monk Dec 17,1961 Columbia Ck 65187
SERRANO PAUL Blues Holiday Nov 8 ,1960 Riverside 359
WILKERSON DON The Texas Twister May 19 ,1960 Riverside 1186


David Axelrod  with Cannonball Producer 

Rock Interpretation of Handel’s Messiah  1971 RCA
The Auction 1972 Decca
Heavy Axe 1974 Fantasy
Seriously Deep 1975 Polydor

Cannonball RDV