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Cannonball Adderley 


 orchestra arranged and conducted by

 Oliver nelson

the band

Nat Adderley (Cornet)

Jimmy Maxwell , Jimmy Nottingham , Clark Terry , Snooky Young , (tp)

Jimmy Cleveland ,Willie Dennis, Jay jay Johnson ,Tony Studd (bones)

Bud Johnson ,Bob Ashton , Danny Bank , Phil Woods , Marshal Royal (reeds)

Joe Zawinul , Richard Davis ,Grady Tate (Rhythm section)

side one:
Julian Adderley (3:32)
CYCLOPS Nat Adderley (4:32)
INTRODUCTION TO A SAMBA Julian Adderley (5:05)
SHAKE A LADY Ray Bryant (2:53)

side two:
J.J.Johnson (4:46)
MYSTIFIED Joe Zawinul (3:41)
I WORSHIP YOU Cole Porter (6:13)
GON GONG Victor Feldman (3:26)

Recorded in Capitol's N.Y. Studios Recording Engineer: Bob Arnold

DOMINATE: to exercise control over: govern; to tower above; loom over...

To most musicians this word would seem to describe the role played in our lives by music. Our daily relationships are affected by constant concern for "the music."

Jazz musicians are dominated even more than others because of peculiar patterns in the jazz society. Though jazz is the haven for players who wish to express their individuality, composers are left at the mercy of these players. For unlike dance bands or symphony orchestras, where the style of the composition dictates, jazz groups perform a work in the player's own style.

Oliver Nelson, Nat Adderley and I have collaborated in the creation of this album in order to present the music of these composers in the styles of the various compositions. We have tried to compliment the trumpet and alto sound with the large orchestra without intruding upon the virtues of either sound.
This is simply one assault upon the tyranny of style. However, the tyrant will probably turn out to be music itself-that which dominates us all.

- Julian (Cannonball) Adderley

Produced by David Axelrod