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"The Price You Got To Pay To Be Free"


a Reel to Reel tape .....out of print !



Cannonball Adderley (Alto & Soprano saxophone)

Nat Adderley (Cornet)

Roy Mac Curdy (Drums)

Walter Booker (bass)

Joe Zawinul (Piano)

Side one

Soul Virgo (W.Booker) 1:46

Rumplestiltskin (Joe Zawinul) 5:11

Inquisition (N.Adderley) 2:15

Devastatement (N.Adderley) 2:55

Pra Dizer Adeus (E.Lobo & T.Netto & L.Hall) 2:49


Side Two

The Price You Got To Pay to be Free (Nat Adderley) 4:40

Some Time Ago (Sergio Mihanovich) 4:29

Exquisition (N. Adderley) 4:00

Painted Desert (Joe Zawinul) 6:11

Directions (Joe Zawinul) 1:07


Side Three

Down in black Bottom (N.Adderley) 5:17

1-2-3 GO-O-O-O (the quintet) 4:41

Lonesome Stanger (N.Adderley) 1:55

Get Up Off Your Knees (Julian Adderley) 4:59

Wild Cat Pee (Julian Adderley) 3:10


Side Four

Alto Sex (Julian Adderley) 1:42

Bridges (M.Nascimento) 4:45

Out and In (Julian Adderley) 5:40

Together (Nat Adderley Junior) 6:31

The Scene (N.Adderley & J.Zawinul)