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Phoenix (also spelled "phenix"):
"In Egyptian mythology, a beautiful bird which lived in the Arabian desert for five or six hundred years and then consumed itself in fire, rising renewed from the ashes to start another long life; it is used as a symbol of immortality."


Julian "Cannonball" Adderley-soprano and alto saxophone
Nat Adderley-cornet
George Duke-keyboards and synthesizers (all selections on Sides 1 and 2);
Mike Wolff-keyboards (all selections on Sides 3 and 4)
Sam Jones-acoustic bass (Sides 1 and 2)
Walter Booker-acoustic and electric bass (Sides 3 and 4)
Louis Hayes-drums (Sides 1 and 2)
Roy McCurdy-drums (Sides 3 and 4)
Airto Moreira-percussion, conga drums

("Stars Fell on Alabama" is played by Cannonball, Mike Wolff, and Airto only.)

Side 1
1. High Fly
2. Work Song (6:32)
3. Sack o' Woe (5:11)

Side 2
1. Jive Samba
2. This Here (7:15)
3. The Sidewalks of New York (5:41)

Side 3
1. Hamba Nami
2. Domination (6:58)
3.74 Miles Away (6:03)

Side 4
1. Country Preacher
2. Stars Fell on Alabama (5:52)
3. Walk Tall/Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (7:32)

Produced by Julian "Cannonball" Adderley, Nat Adderley, and Orrin Keepnews

Recording engineer-Jim Stern
Additional recording-Don Cody, Skip Shimmin
Remix-Jim Stern, and the producers
(Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, Ca.; February, March, and April 1975.)

Art direction-Phil Carroll
Cover photos-Phil Bray, Bruce Talamon
Liner photo-Bruce Talamon

"High Fly" composed by Randy Weston (Tank Music-AScAP).
"This Here" Bobby Timmons (Orpheum Music-BMI).
"Stars Fell on Alabama" Parish-Perkins (Mills Music-ASCAP).
"74 Miles Away," "Country Preacher," "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" Josef Zawinul; "Walk Tall (Baby, That's What I Need)" Zawinul Marrow-Rein (Zawinul Music-BM I).
"Work Song" (Upam Music-BMI) and "Jive Samba" (Orpheum-EMI) Nat Adderley.
"Sack 0' Woe," "Hamba Nami," "Domination" Julian Adderley (Upam-EMI);
"Sidewalks of New York" Lawlor-Blake, arranged by Julian Adderley (Orpheum-BMI).

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