"double exposure"


NAT ADDERLEY- Vocals (*) and Cornet


on all selections:

George Duke - Electric and acoustic piano , ARP synthesizer
Bill Fender - Guitar ( replaced by Phil Upchurch on "Contant 19" only)
Walter Booker -Bass
Roy Mac Curdy - Drums
King Errison - percussion



Cannonball Adderley - Alto sax (" Contant 19" and "Traffic" only)
Johnny Watson - Guitar solos on "Watermelon Man " and "Quit it" ; Electris Bass "Traffic"
Hal Galper -Piano ("Contant 19" only)
Don Peake - Rhythm Guitar on "Watermelon Man " and "Quit it"


Horn section ("Watermelon man" only):
Allen DeRienzo, Snooky Young, Oscar Brashear - Trumpet
George Bohanon, Dick Hyde - Trombones
William Green, Jackie Kelso, Jay Migliori - Saxes and flutes

Strings section ("Quit it" and "In a silent Way"):
Jack Shulman, Gareth Nuttycombe, Alexander Neiman, Henry Roth
Williman Hymanson, Jerome Reisler, Nathan Gershman, Walter Rower

Background singers ("Quit it "only)
Stephanie Spruill, Jody Mathis, Billie Barnum



*1.Watermelon Man (Herbie hancock) 3:37

*2. Quit It (Semenya & Makeba) 3:46

3. 59 Go and Pass (nat Adderley) 4:20

4. Constant 19 (Nat Adderley) 5:02


1. Traffic (Julian Adderley) 4:05

*2. In a Silent way (Zawinul) 5:20

3. Song of the Valdez Diamond 6:31

Produced by Julian "Cannonball" Adderley and David Axelrod for Junat Production ,Inc.






Cannonball RDV